Coca-Cola's history - the decade of the 1930's.

During much of the 30's Coca-Cola averaged one lawsuit a week against trademark infringement.


1931 – Haddon Sundblom paints the first of his renowned Santa portraits for Coca-Cola.


1932 – Woodruff announces that despite the deep depression and difficult times for his dealers, the company was going to increase the 1933 advertising budget by one million dollars.


1933 – Twenty-first Amendment repeals Prohibition. Beer and liquor sales are legal again. Coca-Cola is now competing on a changed playing field.


June – The "Cola-Wars" begin when Coca-Cola sues Charles Guth's newly re-formed Pepsi-Cola Company for repeated substitution of product in his New York stores. Coca-Cola loses the suit.


Guth unofficially sees if the Coca-Cola Company has any interest in buying the Pepsi-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company was not interested.


1934 – Coca-Cola buys 1/2 interest in Whitehead and Lupton, the parent bottler. Coca-Cola now owned Whiteheads part of the contract.


1936 – Coca-Cola celebrates its 50th birthday.


1937 – Syrup sales double over 1933 sales.


1939 – Arthur Acklin becomes president as Woodruff steps down as to be able to spend more time with his dying mother.

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