Buyer beware!

A guide to fake and fantasy Coca-Cola items

A fantasy item is an item that is created and there is no original item like it. These are usually produced to deceive collectors, and are produced without the permission of The Coca-Cola Company. Shown here are a few of the many Coca-Cola items that are often misrepresented to purposefully fool the unaware. Some are obvious and others are very well done. I personally consider these items worthless. Many of them were produced illegally and have absolutely no value as a Coca-Cola collectible. Buyer beware! It is up to the collector to educate himself before spending money.


Cigar knives

These knives were produced in large quantities for flea market sales in the early 70's. There are many variations. All these round knives are fakes. Coca-Cola never produced items such as these.

table knives

These knives and sets of dinnerware with a bone-like celluloid or plastic handle and red imprint were produced many years ago by a collector who circulated them as authentic. They are not.

pocket knives

Coca-Cola never produced knives with Worlds Fair markings and other markings such as these. These appeared at flea markets in the early 70's and have been fooling people ever since. They are low quality and simple and cheap to produce.

pub mirrors

Many mirrors similar to this one have been produced since the 70's. All of them are fantasy. Coca-Cola never produced pub style mirrors such as these.

other signs

More fake signs appear every day. Be very careful.

pocket mirrors

An example of the many fake pocket mirrors that are offered for sale. They are much like a pin back button and can be easily produced by anyone with a color printer and a proper machine.

pocket watches

An example of the many fake pocket watches on the market. The watch case and mechanism is authentic, but the face is not. On occasion, Coca-Cola gave away wrist watches as employee rewards, but never pocket watches.

porcelain signs

Originating from India, these porcelain signs are made to deceive the uneducated collector. They come in black, red green and blue. Coca-Cola never produced signs such as these.

wooden slat signs

These decoupaged signs(many different images) have been around since the 70's, and have fooled many a beginning collector.

painted wood signs

These three dimensional wood signs are very common on the internet, and they are very poorly executed. Their quality alone should make it obvious to people that they are not authentic.


Metal stamped tokens have been produced for many years, and have fooled many people. The Coca-Cola Company never produced tokens such as these.

belt buckles

Hundreds of different pot metal belt buckle designs such as these exist, but all of them are fake. (with the exception of a few that  were produced with the Company's permission in the 1970's and 80's or for a bottlers anniversary.

syrup jugs

Almost anything can be silkscreened with a coke logo to become a collectible. These syrup jugs  are a good example of someone with a silkscreen machine making objects to deceive the public. The jugs may be older, but the imprints are new.

seltzer bottles

These seltzer bottles have either been silkscreened or etched with text that isn't old. The bottles themselves may be old, but the text is new. These bottles were made to deceive.

light shades

Beware of glass globes that have a screened or vinyl logo on them. Only 3 or 4 authentic variations were produced by the  Coca-Cola Company for use in plants and fountains. Many items like this one are offered for sale and are fake.

watch fobs

and key chains

Be careful with all watch fobs. Even the ones that look authentic many times are poor reproductions. These fantasy examples never existed as authentic items.


Many different versions an colors of these paperweights have existed since the 1970's.

Unfortunately, they are all fantasy items.

door knobs

These glass door knobs began appearing in the 1980's.  The knobs themselves are old, but the etching is new.

cash register toppers

This may enhance a cash register, but it is not an authentic item. It has been around for many years and comes in a few variations. Many unsuspecting people have believed it was authentic.

cast iron toys

Commonly seen on the internet and flea markets, these cast iron toys are of recent vintage. They are  fakes. The Coca-Cola Company never advertised on cast iron toys.

sprite boy

The Sprite Boy string holder made of plaster and the Sprite Boy bank made of metal are both of recent vintage. They are not old authentic items.

miscellaneous metal items

These are but a few of the miscellaneous fantasy items in today's marketplace. They are often represented as being authentic but they are not. Don't be fooled.

miscellaneous paper items

These are but a few of the miscellaneous paper fantasy items in today's marketplace. They are often represented as being authentic but they are not. Many are color copies or printed in simple one or two colors. Beware of all paper items such as these.