Early Coca-Cola Vehicles.

1901   © Martin Collectionc.1910 Marion, SC   © Jeff Bradyc.1910   © Martin Collection1930   © Martin Collection1910 Tallahassee, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection1915 Appalachicola, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection
1922 Bartow, FL   © Florida Photographic Collectionc.1930 Ft. Myers, FL   © Florida Photographic Collectionc.1950 Panama City, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection1920 Tampa, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection1921 Tampa, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection1932 Winter Haven, FL   © Florida Photographic Collection
c.1930 Terre Haute, IN   © Ray Kilinskic.1940 Venice, CA   © Ray Kilinskic.1918 Winter Haven, FL

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