A little about me.

I first began collecting original Coca-Cola items as a thirteen year old in 1975, going to flea markets with my mother and grandmother or riding my bicycle to local auctions and antique shops in my small hometown. At that time, I purchased whatever Coke items I could find with the small amount of money I earned mowing lawns and bagging groceries.


As I grew older, I found myself increasingly drawn to the early history and the beautiful pre-World War II images shown on the posters, die-cuts, calendars and trays.


Soon, my wife and I began visiting the Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show,

the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, the Schmidt Coca-Cola Museum in


Elizabethtown, Kentucky and meeting with older collectors. We also traveling to attend club conventions and auctions. Over time we carefully assembled a Coca-Cola collection that we are proud of.


Now, this website and price guide is simply a way for me to share my interest and accumulated knowledge with other like-minded collectors — and hopefully, help foster a new generation of young collectors who will also become passionate about this great hobby.


Please feel free to email me  with any questions, or thoughts, or ideas you might have.


Happy collecting!

A little about this website.


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Although we are not affiliated with The Coca-Cola Company in any way, we champion the Archive's efforts to preserve the soft drink's heritage and to engage the public.


In a similar fashion, our goal is to provide a broad range of meaningful and easy to access information that will enhance your collecting experience and make our hobby even more enjoyable.

Blaine Martin


Coke urn and early trays from coca-cola soda fountain


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